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Are there promotional materials available for my open house?

Yes, there are free customizable resources available. These resources can easily be download and either printed by yourself or a local printer. There’s even a press release available for you to add your department’s information to and send out to your local press.


Are the posters or banners customizable?

Yes, simply download and send the artwork to your local printer and they can add your department’s information.


 How can I add my department’s information to the banners?

Once you’ve determined which resource you’d like to use for your event, simply download the artwork and send it to your local printer for customization. You could also burn the downloaded file to a CD or flash drive and bring it to your printer that way.


Can I order printed materials from

No, we do not keep an inventory of printed posters, rack cards, yard signs or banners at this time. Please download the available resources and print yourself or through a local printer.


My department’s information is incorrect on your website. Who should I contact?

We would be happy to update your department’s information. Simply email and send us any changes needed.


What if no one comes to my department’s open house?

If you had an unsuccessful open house last year, there could be a number of factors you can fix to give you a better shot at success this year. Start with the RecruitNY tip sheet and promotional checklist available in the resource section of this site.

We encourage departments to treat the open house with the same promotional strategy you would use for a chicken BBQ fundraiser or other community event. Take advantage of available signage, inform your local media about the event and use all the resources available to you right here on our site to give your department the best chance of attracting foot traffic and, hopefully, recruits!

If anything, you’ll be creating awareness and boosting your profile in the community just by participating. We also recommend you use our directory of participants and consider teaming up with a neighboring department to increase your reach.


No one signed up to be a member of my department last year, why should we participate this year?

RecruitNY is about more than the open house event itself. The initiative creates far-reaching exposure to the entire volunteer fire service in New York. Press relations resulting in write-ups and broadcast segments from Long Island to Buffalo and everywhere in between, provide great publicity for volunteer fire service as a whole and especially in your community.

Recruitment is a year-round effort and even if someone doesn’t visit or sign up for your department on RecruitNY weekend, the larger message remains throughout the year. You never know when someone might come back and join, especially since these events are designed to draw community participation. This is your opportunity to rally friends and neighbors around the fire service, show them what you do and encourage them to join you in this noble cause.

See this piece from The Volunteer Firefighter magazine for some best practices and success stories.