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Customizable RecruitNY Resources

Need A Printer?

If your department would like to order some of these recruitment materials we can connect you with a printer. Below is a list of pricing for some of these materials at different quantities. If you would like to order some of these items just email and detail what you would like. They will get back to you with appropriate pricing as well as shipping costs for your order. Printer can also customize your order with your department information for a small fee.

Costs do not include shipping. Each order will include a $12.95 handling charge plus shipping.

8.5x11 Flyer 11x17 Poster 4x9 Rack Cards Yard Signs with Stakes 6x2 Banners

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Use these various logos for T-shirts, hats, and other apparel. They can also be supplied to media outlets that may be doing a story about your open house.


8.5″ x 11″ Poster

Hang this poster up around the community – at gas stations, in grocery stores, at your dentist’s office, etc. – and in your department to encourage participation in this event.

Customize Online


11″ x 17″ Poster

Same drill as the 8.5 x 11″ poster: Hang it up all around town to draw attention to this great event.

Customize Online


Rack Card

Pass this card out to members of your community who might be interested in attending your open house! It serves as a handy reminder of the event.

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Yard Sign

Place this sign in the front yard of your department to heighten community awareness about this event.

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Large Format Banner

Hang this banner on the front of your department to advertise the big event to your community.


Facebook Cover and Profile Photo

Upload these images to the profile and cover photo area of your department and/or personal Facebook pages.

Cover Graphic
Download Image
Profile Graphic
Download Image

Promotional Checklist

Refer to this checklist to help you with ideas to promote your open house and spread awareness throughout your community about this event.

Download PDF

Year-Round Resources


Fire In You Logo

Upload this logo to your website and use it in all of your department’s signage and on any other communication pieces.


Fire In You Print Ads

Customize these Fire In You themed ads with your department’s information and submit them to local community papers, newsletters, and other publications for placement.


Fire In You Posters

Hang this Fire In You themed poster up around the community in public, high-traffic areas including libraries, municipal buildings, supermarket bulletin boards, and shop windows – places where it can be seen by hundreds of people every day. Make sure to add your department’s information.

Male Version
Download PDF
Female Version
Download PDF

Fire In You Brochure

Share this Fire In You brochure with anyone who has expressed an interest in volunteering. It is meant to encourage potential recruits to take the first step and speaks to the rewards and benefits of becoming a Volunteer.


Fire In You Online Banner Ads

Upload these Fire In You themed ads to the homepage of your department’s website so that anyone checking out your site will see them. These ads can also be emailed to community partners for placement on their websites.


Fire In You Billboards

Looking to make a big impression? Customize and place these Fire In You themed outdoor billboards to promote the campaign.

Male Version
Download PDF
Female Version
Download PDF

Fire In You Radio Commercials

Share these three :30 and one :60 Fire In You themed radio spots at recruitment events or with your local media.


Fire In You TV Commercials

Show these two :30 Fire In You themed TV commercials at your recruitment events or share them with your local media.

Male Version
Download MOV
Female Version
Download MOV

Fire In You Cover Photos for Facebook

Upload a Fire In You themed cover photo to your department’s Facebook page as your photo. This is a great way to communicate your recruitment initiative. Share the cover images with your department’s members also, as they, too, can use them for their personal pages.


Train the Recruiter Online Seminar

Take part in this online training to boost your recruitment efforts. The video provides viewers with tips and best practices on how to successfully mount a recruitment campaign, including:

  • Available resources for promotiong recruitment drives at your department.
  • Tips for turning potential volunteers into department members.
  • Recommendations for getting the word out.

Success Stories