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Initial Planning

  • Organize an open house committee that meets frequently beginning at least two months before the open house is scheduled.
  • Consider having one individual responsible for each of the following areas or delegating specific tasks to specific members for accountability sake.

Open House Promotion: Two Weeks Before

  • Put up yard signs and banners.
  • Submit a news article to your local newspaper.
  • Place flyers that reflect the excitement of firefighting and rescue service in stores, gas stations, and around your community.
  • Make arrangements to speak to or distribute flyers to members of Rotary, Kiwanis and Lions Clubs and your local Chamber of Commerce.


  • Target your local high schools: make arrangements for a table display early in the week of your open house.

Set Up

  • Enlist members to ensure that the facilities and equipment are spotless.
  • Plan to offer refreshments, if feasible. People respond to free food and beverages.
  • Have visitors register for a drawing. Local businesses will donate gift certificates for pizza and other meals at their restaurants. Your hardware store may even offer a certificate for a reduced price on smoke detectors, which you can distribute to people attending the open house.

Open House Activities

  • Download Fire In You resource materials to show potential recruits during your open house.
    For example: Hang up a Fire In You poster in your department; share the Fire In You brochure with potential recruits at your open house; and play the commercial while potential recruits are at your station during your open house.
  • Plan activities to provide both education and a hands-on experience that will stimulate interest in your visitors.
  • Direct a hand line with another member.
  • Show an extinguisher technique using a Bullex system.
  • Review the turnout gear and SCBA.
  • Demonstrate the Jaws of Life.
  • Have displays (fire police, etc.) showing their important role in the fire service.
  • Have people experience what it’s like to perform CPR chest compression techniques.
  • Host an electronic recycling event during your open house, which will draw plenty of traffic and can double as a fundraising opportunity.

After the Event

Check out recruitment videos from departments around the state